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Creative Art & Crafting Classes in Richmond, BC                                                        View in Chinese

All children love to draw. Let your kids develop their talents at Lily Yuan Art Studio in Richmond, British Columbia. Students of all ages love taking crafting and art classes from a professional children's illustrator.

Step-by-Step Instruction

At the end of every class, each child will have a finished picture to take home. Lily begins by doing a demonstration picture featuring characters who look like her own daughters. Then, she provides step-by-step instruction to her students to teach them how to create wonderful drawings and paintings of their own.

This step-by-step process helps even very young children achieve great results all by themselves. We never draw on a student's artwork - rather, we teach by demonstration, so each student can be proud of their own accomplishments.

When parents see the first picture, they can't believe their eyes. By following the demonstration picture, kids see how art is made and feel confident and successful as they complete their own images. Through weekly practice, children will learn how to look at an object in nature, such as a tree, and reproduce it beautifully on paper.

Crafting Classes
Kids love to work with their hands. We run a series of crafting classes involving wax- and clay-based modeling. During these five-session courses your kids will learn to create basic forms, such as:

• Trees
• Dinosaurs
• Birds
• Princesses
• Gorillas

3D Artwork
Your children will love creating 3D artwork that combines clay with paper drawings. By drawing a scene and adding modeling clay to the paper, the art gains depth and texture. Kids of any age up to nine years will enjoy this technique.

Creative Hands
When kids work with their hands they learn to think differently and do better in school. Lily herself has been learning drawing, painting, sculpting, and piano since she was four years old.

Lily Painting in Art Class
Her mother raised her to work with her hands, and she still grows flowers with her mom. In turn, Lily encourages her own daughters to do small crafts and stay creative. This helps children express themselves and build their confidence.

Contact us to encourage your child's creativity with art classes.